The story of Jonathan is one not often told but it encourages me so much. Here was the son of the king who was first in line to succeed his father and become king but instead of him, God had already chosen another; David.
In the natural, Jonathan had all the reasons to dislike and hate David but he did not. Instead, the Bible says in 1Samuel 20→ that Jonathan ‘loved David like his own soul’ (20: 17). He knew that David would take up what was in fact, his birth-right but he loved him. In the times David was being afflicted by Saul and Saul wanted to kill him, Jonathan used his influence to speak for David and try to persuade his father not to kill him. He understood that while he was not called to be king, he was called to be a friend to the king. He operated in this sphere and he encouraged David, fought for him and walked with him. In a way, without his friendship, David would have never been the king that he later became.

Sometimes we have not been called to be David. Sometimes God calls us to be Jonathan. In some seasons in our lives, as we walk in our spheres, God might call us to be there for others who are in the limelight and in other seasons we will be the ones in that visible space. But in all things, our spheres are not diminished because we build other people up but on the contrary, God blesses us and in our own spheres, He gives us success.

CONNECTION POINT: When we have a healthy understanding of our spheres and our unique grace zones, when we have a clear focus of Christ then honor comes easily to us.
It is easy to honor and value what others bring to the body when we understand that their spheres complement not rival our own spheres. Humility is an off-shoot of a clear understanding that another person’s success is not necessarily my failure. When we know who we are and the spheres that God has given us, then we are able to value and appreciate what others have and the roles that God has given them to play.

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  1. christsqwad says:

    The work of the HolySpirit is to bring us to the understanding of whom we live to serve and to whom we belong to. This removes self and everything else that wants to exalt itself above our Lord Jesus Christ. We are all brothers, belonging to the same God, supplied by the same Spirit, Children of one Father. How we should much more love one another for they shall know us by our Love for each other. One blood, one body, one God.

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