Scripture Reference: Romans 12:3

Main text 2Corinthians 10:12 
For we dare not class ourselves or compare ourselves with those who commend themselves. But they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise. We, however, will not boast beyond measure, but within the limits of the sphere which God appointed us- a sphere which especially includes you.

One of the hardest things for anyone to admit is his limits. No one wants to feel like they are limited, especially me. If you are a go-getter; a person who is intensely driven, it is easy to think that you can be able to do everything.
The reason why the church exists as a body and why we are referred to as the body of Christ is simply that we are all members possessing individual gifts and talents.
Paul while addressing some issues that had been raised in Corinth says some important things:

Paul while addressing some issues that had been raised in Corinth says some important things:


I guess that is usually what gets most of us. We are always in comparison mode; always busy comparing ourselves with others. When one looks at a person who is operating in his sphere, it is easy to feel intimidated because usually that person will be succeeding. This is because this person will be operating in his or her grace zone. You might be tempted to be jealous of that person while in actual sense you have a sphere of your own, your own grace zone where God has built you to excel.


In Romans 12→ Paul calls on the church to view themselves in sober judgment according to the measure of faith that God has given them. To the church in Corinth he says “we will not boast beyond measure” That means knowing my limit; being conscious of what God has enabled me to do and understanding the extent of my abilities. Sober judgment does not mean I look down on myself or estimate myself highly but rather that I have a clear understanding of my gifting and talents and recognize what I can and cannot do.

In the body analogy that Paul used, the nose, in sober judgment should be able to know that it is a nose and not an eye and it is specially built to function as a nose. This means that the nose will excel in its sphere and in its own grace zone and will not try to compare itself to the eye which has a different but equally important function.


It is important to identify where God has called you and where the Holy Spirit has gifted you. If for any reason you lack a clear picture of where that is, go back to the source. Go back to God so that He can readily show you where He has called you. God always provides His grace for us in our spheres. You will not struggle when you are where God has called you to be and if it is not clear to you now, continue walking with Jesus , do not worry, with time, He will show you where He has called you and He will equip you.


God is love and He gives us gifts and talents so that we can share this love amongst ourselves and as well as extend it to others. Our limits are not there to curtail us but to bring about a sense of fellowship and honor. When you know that you are not able to do a certain thing you will have a deeper appreciation of those who are able and you will honor them in the grace that God has bestowed upon them. We complement one another, that is why we are a body of believers. There is deeper expression of love when we can be able to appreciate each other and what God has bestowed on us as individuals. When we walk in our spheres and are stewards of them, we walk in love. Similarly, we express love when we appreciate the uniqueness of others and respect that which they can do that we cannot.

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