When the Spirit speaks

Learn to play in your own level, promotion is God given…Always at the right time and place…what can we say about this? God who is stricken for our healing, who is chastised for our iniquity, who for our sake became poor…consider Him who did not spare His own Son (that is our Father), but gave Him up for us freely, how will He along with Christ i.e Christ also included in that package, not give us all things.

He has purchased my freedom so that nothing shall have DOMINION OVER ME. Isaiah 53:5 → By His wounds we are made whole; His wounds perfect us in our minds, in our bodies and in our souls…He carried our sorrows and gave us everlasting joy…we rejoice for we have a warrior, we have a mighty Man of war who will not give up neither will He be discouraged but He has finished the work and He will perfect and finish our faith…He is our comforter who comforts us greatly…He is our provider who cares about the smallest of issues-that even the hairs on our heads He knows them…birds live well…but we are worth more than many sparrows.

Jesus does not give us prosperity or make us prosper, He Himself is PROSPERITY….there is no angle you can look at it and conclude that Jesus desire for us is to stay in the same place of oppression and affliction. If that were so, then that would not make Him a Savior but He is a SAVIOR, therefore, He releases us from bondage, He provides food, He mends our relationships, He restores generations, He restores our strength, He renews our youth, He gives life and gives it abundantly, He blesses us till guys are like…THEY ARE BLESSED BY GOD…this love is insane…a love that is incomparable…love that is immeasurable, Incomprehensible…a love that only a Being full of love can love, a love that can never be fully reciprocated. He does it because of Himself not because we are grand, He asks of Israel,Isaiah 43:22-24 →

“what have you done to deserve My love…your sacrifices have not been enough”

we have burdened Him with our sins yet in verse 25, He says that He is the One who cancels out our sins for His sake. He says Jacob sinned, the prophets sinned, yet He chose to send His Son to a people who would despise and reject Him because He loves insanely….to know Jesus is to prosper! In Him is everything we need for this life. The disciples never lacked anything for Jesus was their everything. when He was with them, He fed them, He paid their taxes, He healed their relatives, He restored their callings and gave them purpose.

On earth, everyone who touched Jesus prospered. Prostitutes, broken lives became testimonies. He removed the shame of sinners, He removed the cloud of rejection, He gave light to darkness, He turned deep sorrow into incredible joy, He lifted burdens and gave peace and joy and grace and healing. Where Jesus was there was an abundance of everything, there was an enablement, there was life.

He never turned anyone away…never.

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