Our minds are usually caught up with where we have been, the past and usually anticipating where we want to be, the future. We get so engrossed in these two time zones that we easily miss where we are right now.

Most of us get consumed by the sins and mistakes of yesterday that it is hard for us to see the triumphs of today. For others, it is the promise of tomorrow and what it might or might not bring. We get so wrapped up by tomorrow that we start to despair at the fact that it seems so out of reach.

But God wants us to appreciate where we are now because where we are now is right where God wants us to be. It may not be the ideal place or the best place and for sure God is taking us to better places, but where we are is where we were supposed to be for this time.

The story of Esther is such an example of being at the right place at the right time. It might not be right for you but as long as you in Christ, it is right for God.

“For such as a time as this…”

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