Main text John 6:12 
Verse 5 When they had all had enough, He said to His disciples “Gather up now the fragments (the broken pieces that are left over), so that nothing may be lost and wasted.”

Left overs…recently, I attended one of our corporate prayer days. After much praying, we got to the important business of the day, lunch. I love food, I love food a lot and on a sunny Saturday, after much deliberating with GOD, I like, everybody else present was famished. So I queued up, waiting for the food to be served…The food was excellent. The caterers had outdone themselves. As always, I had piled my plate with grilled chicken, chapo (chapati), minji (green peas), the works.  After some few minutes, the crowd which a while ago could not wait to be served was so satisfied that no one could stand the sight of food. I knew that no matter how much I wanted to eat more I could not, none of us could. So the caterers were left in a dilemma… left overs!

No one is bothered much by left overs. Why should you? I mean, you can just throw them away. They don’t bother us much. For the more concerned folks we try to salvage the ‘better-looking food’ so that ‘we do not show God our stomachs.’

Left overs do not bother us. I mean they are food but when we are full we care less about them… whatever.

God has been shouting to me the whole day- write something about left overs…tell Pharaoh that my people are not left overs…tell my people that they are not left overs…

Sometimes we feel like leftovers. Yes, we are like other people but we feel like our lives are dispensable, like paper cups. We feel that others are of value but we are not, so we let ‘whatever’ happen to us. We settle for whatever.

The devil uses the lie that we are not worth anything to steal, kill and destroy our lives. Recently I lost my cousin, he committed suicide. I remember having a conversation with myself. If only we knew our worth we wouldn’t allow the devil to play tricks with our hearts.

YOU ARE NOT JUST A LEFT OVER. The God of the universe cares deeply for you, so much so that He gave you His son…Jesus, a perfect Being became imperfect so that He could perfect you…The Bible says in 1 John 4:10 → ‘this is love…not that we loved God…but He first loved us and showed it by giving us His Son..’

The definition of love involves God loving you…The truth is that my love will never ever even come close to how much Christ loves me…so instead of focusing on my imperfect love,  I will focus on His perfect love and I will rest in it and have confidence in Him.

LET GO!!! Of the mistakes that you cannot and will not be able to undo, let God’s ocean of grace wash over you and strengthen your heart Hebrews 13; 9→.

The past does not define you, there is a blank page in front of you that God wants to write His story. Always see things from His perspective, not yours. Always look at yourself through His eyes, in His eyes you are worth dying for, worth rescuing.

John 3:16→ ‘for God so loved the world…’ The world is inclusive of everyone He did not sideline or favor certain individuals but He so loved us…

You are worth a lot. That is why God used the best to redeem you. The Bible says it is not with perishable things like gold and silver that we were purchased with but it is with the precious blood of Christ, a Lamb without blemish…HALLELUJAH!!

Nothing is wasted. With God, even the “left overs” are important to Him. You are not a left over. You are a son of God, a royal priesthood.


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