The Christ Sqwad Ministries is a non-denominational umbrella body made up of a team of youthful people passionate about Jesus Christ.

Christ Sqwad began when a group of young people stirred up by their LOVE for CHRIST JESUS intentionally accepted the call of the Holy Spirit to passionately reach out to young people of their generation, to preach Jesus Christ and His great love towards their generation. To preach His death, Resurrection and salvation for them and us.


Php 1:21For to me to live [is] Christ, and to die [is] gain. This is our calling.

The term “Sqwad” is a modified form of the military term “squad” meaning the smallest unit in an army mandated with dealing with a specific issue. Christ Sqwad forms part of the army of God for our generation.


Christ’s Sqwad’s primary objective or mission is to ignite a passion for Christ in this generation by pointing people to Christ and to His grace and truth.

As Christ Sqwad we realize that there is a dire need for young people of our generation to be reached with the right Gospel that focuses them on Christ’s love, His grace, His sacrifice for them and His finished work. As such God has stirred in our hearts a passion to bring healing to many young people who are broken because Christ has been so misrepresented to them.


We endeavor to help the young people of our generation realize that God loves them with an everlasting love and that He created them for a love relationship with Himself.

With the help of God as we are co-workers with Christ Jesus, we are confident that God will bring heart transformation as opposed to only behavior modification. Consequently, young people are equipped not only to be transformed by the love of Christ but also to be agents of transformation to those around them.