The Major General
Carol “Optimus Prime” Kyarie

Executive Director and Administrator of Christ Sqwad Ministries and Grace Center.

A final year Law Student at Africa Nazarene University, Carol is passionate about sharing the love of God with young people. As a young person and having had the opportunity and privilege to work with and around young people for a long time, she identifies with the challenges that a lot of young people go through especially when it comes to understanding God’s love.

Carol was privileged to grow up in a family with parents who love God and who introduced God to her and her siblings at an early age. She always had a passion for God from her childhood and participated in various church activities in Sunday School as a child and later in her church youth group as a teenager. But it was not until later on in her young adulthood and as leader of a young adults and teens group in the church she previously served in that she was confronted with the magnitude of just how desperately young people needed a revelation of the true nature of God and how much this was lacking as a lot of young people only got fed religion and had no experience of a real and loving God. For her, an understanding of the loving and gracious nature of God and of her identity as a son, as one forgiven and loved and of the depth of the finished work at the cross set her heart free and ignited a passion to share this same truth with other young people.

Being a leader of young people in a church that neither loved nor appreciated young people and where the struggle to reach young people was always met with hurdles; and seeing the genuine hunger and need for sincere love in the young people she interacted with, Carol, together with her brother Kelvin felt the impression on their hearts that God was calling them to pioneer a team that was primarily focused on reaching young people with the love and liberating grace of God. Out of this stirring, she along with her brother along with a couple of friends started the Christ Sqwad Team. This team was to later become an independent ministry and out of it was birthed The Grace Center.

Carol also currently serves as Chairperson of Sing Africa (Africa Nazarene Chapter) where she has a great opportunity to interact and work with campus students in spreading the love and grace of God. Her passion still remains to see lives transformed by the love and grace of God and nothing gives her greater joy than to see a young person find their completeness in Christ.

Kelvin “Field Marshall” Kyarie

Assistant Director of Christ Sqwad Ministries and Grace Center.

Now a banker by profession, growing up, Kelvin was a really shy boy who liked to keep much to himself. But that all changed when in Primary school, in class 7 he entered into a love relationship with God. From thereon, into his high school years and later on in his university life, Kelvin was always passionate about God. God did a great work in him, He gave him confidence and boldness and by the time he was in University he was quite an outstanding preacher of the Word of God.

He served as chairperson of the Christian Fellowship in Kenya Methodist University where he is an alumnus. Being a young man himself, he is very passionate about seeing his fellow young people experience the transforming love, grace and truth of God expressed through His Son Jesus Christ. It is this passion that saw him co-found the Christ Sqwad Ministries and the Grace Center alongside his sister Carol. Kelvin is a gifted preacher with rich insight into the Word of God as graced him by God. Although he is currently a banker, Kelvin is always insistent that the only place he feels at home is on the pulpit so we are sure to see Pastor added to his title soon.

Peter "DJ PITT" Rohi Kyarie

Heat Sqwad Director

DJ Pitt first tried his hand at DJeeaying while still in primary school. His passion for music saw him interested not only in dancing which he was exceptional in at an early age but also in the art of music mixing. As a young person passionate and zealous for God and eager to reach other young people with the love of Christ, he sees music and DJeeaying as a great opportunity to influence young people to Christ. He debuted as a DJ at the first Stand Conference in August of 2011.

Since then he has grown from Djeeyaing to Video DJeeaying. As Christ Sqwad’s main DJ he has been a pertinent feature in all the missions undertaken by the Ministry including the Stand Conferences. He has also featured in several other events and had the privilege of having his video mixes airing on one of Kenya’s most watched youthful Christian TV, Vision TV during their VMIXX Show. He has a strong desire to bring up other young people in the skill of DJeeyaing as well as nurture them in the love and grace of God. This desire saw him pioneer the Heat Sqwad which is both a DJ School and a DJ Family built to blaze up a fire for Christ.

The Skull, the headphones & the gas mask!

Dj Pitt has a deep conviction that music is as an effective tool of preaching the gospel as well as it is preaching on the streets or on the pulpit using the Word. He points out that gospel music is the Word, just with rhythm and with rhyme. He defines himself as a "terrorist-terrorizing the devil each track a time" with the sole weapon being gospel music. "Music," he says "Is one of the most efficient tool by which you can reach the unreachable, it is a wonderful universal language created by God." Dj Pitt believes that anyone anywhere on the planet loves the music no matter their background. He believes that by packaging the gospel music into mixes, remixes, digital mix tapes, into shows and in whatever formats, we are able to spread the gospel of our LORD and savior Jesus Christ through music into the very ends of the earth. He says one needs to be well equipped with the right weapons for the ministry of music; A good set of headphones to keep the good music in and lock the bad music out and an awesome gas mask lest you are choked by the fumes in the mission field trenches.

So what about the skull? One may ask. Well, Dj Pitt says it reminds him that he is dead to flesh and alive in Christ every moment of his life.